Facebook Will Remove Sites With Scraped / Republished Content

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Web publishers that make money by scraping content from other sites or republishing that content with permission will now see a lot less traffic from Facebook’s News Feed. This is a win for publishers who have been hammered by Facebook’s updates over the past year, possibly allowing their original content to gain more visibility and removing incentives for scraper sites to steal their content.

This might also cause some alarms for content curators as it appears Facebook has built their own in-house duplicate content system and will remove offending content from the News Feed if the system feels that it is too much duplicate.

Much like Google’s past problems with this vary same issue, it is unclear how Facebook will determine who the original author is and there might be cases where a small original publisher or blogger will get labeled as a scraper. Their announcement doesn’t include any way to dispute this or a notification system that your site / page has been labeled as a scraper / republisher.

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