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Not a single productivity system in existence is designed to keep you the client aware of what is happening with your SEO, Social Media, or Digital Advertising campaigns and how those actions are impacting the actual results you’re seeing. Until now.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner made the Award-Winning Live Roadmap in cooperation with our brother-agency, Joe Youngblood Consulting, to help clients understand how work was impacting their rankings in Google and Bing as well as impact on increases in website traffic, conversions, and revenue. We’ve since expanded the Live Roadmaps to keep clients updated on our creativity work, digital advertising campaigns, and social media campaigns.

What the Live Roadmap Looks Like


We use Breadcrumb goal setting to track success. This means we break our KPI's down into three distinct groups; milestones, objectives, and goals. Milestones being complete lead to successful completion of Objectives, and successful completion of Objectives achieves the goals set. If the Goals are currently not being met then adjustments are made to our Milestones and Objectives.

What We Track


  • Specific ranking achievements / keyword / platform
  • Specific traffic volume / platform
  • Specific conversion volume / platform
  • Total number of linking root domains
  • Total number of reviews
  • Total number of blog posts published
  • Total number of guest blog posts published
  • Total number of press releases published
  • Location Quality Score / Specific Location
  • Home Page Full Load Time
  • Specific location data quality percentage
  • Email Open Rate
  • Total number of email newsletters sent
  • Email CTR
  • Social Media CTR
  • Facebook Likes
  • Twitter Follows
  • Reddit Upvotes


  • Year-over-Year traffic increase
  • Year-over-Year conversion increase
  • Specific Volume of traffic / platform or medium
  • Specific Volume of conversions / platform or medium
  • More Links than [x]
  • Average Review rating of [x] / platform
  • Half of Page 1 all positive listings / keyword
  • All of Page 1 positive listings / keyword


  • Increase traffic volume / platform or medium
  • Increase conversions / platform or medium
  • Increase advertising efficiency / platform
  • Increase on-line sentiment
  • Increase on-line brand awareness

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