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The internet is quickly becoming a place where rich content is shared without the need for third-party plugins. Remember back when Adobe Flash was a web standard and internet users loved website functions created by Flash animations? We’re in a similar era now, except all of the rich media content being shared is either being done inside of a closed or walled off social media network or is based on HTML 5 web standards.

This is a great time for brands that love to be creative to start experimenting with various types of rich content, including one of our favorites: 3D Graphics.

3D graphics are created using two different graphics, a composite layer and a depth layer that includes a depth map. Currently they are a popular addition to Facebook pages wowing users as they scroll through their News Feeds.

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3D Photos on Facebook

3D Photos are a great way to drive organic engagement on Facebook. For the time being they cannot be used in advertising or boosted posts. These types of posts can organically reach anywhere from 10% to 185% of your Facebook followers making them great for branding and for keeping a page’s content in the News Feed.

Dallas Cowboys Logo in 3D:

Houston Texans Logo in 3D:

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