SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

SEO isn’t a few keywords on a page or a handful of new links. It is a comprehensive process of optimization to make a page or website more attractive to search engines in order to rank higher. Success in SEO requires a strategic approach to guide optimization of content, internal website structure, and inbound mentions, business listings, and links.

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We believe that there is a process for everything, including ranking higher in Google. We follow a logic and research based process to help our clients dominate search categories.

When we build an SEO strategy we start off with asking you what goals you would like to hit and in what timelines. We then conduct a thorough SEO Audit of your website and your top competitors. It includes an audit of your website, your mobile presence, your Google Search Console account, Your Bing Webmaster Tools account, Your paid advertising, any past backlink or other SEO work, all of your content on your website, your competitor’s SEO, and your internal team’s capabilities. We do this intensive audit to make sure we can develop several campaigns that might fit your company and to last for more than just a few months.

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