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Content Curation Videos are extremely popular on social media websites like Facebook and YouTube. These videos are based on a simple concept of story telling. A good content curation video will use polished text effects, stock videos and photos, and photos and videos about the person / place / event being discussed – all mixed with a good background sound track of licensed music or sounds. In some cases CCV’s also come with an narration that matches the tempo and mood of the video and the text effects.

Due to their nature Content Curation Videos are excellent at pulling social media users in and as a bonus offer the viewer the option of watching with sound on or off.

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Content Curation Videos on Facebook

Here are some examples of content curation videos we’ve created for clients on Facebook.

Awesome People of Dallas – Helping an elderly couple in need:

World War II veteran, Ernie Lacroix Celebrated His 100th Birthday in a Big Way:

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