Explore Media

Explore Media is a collection of editorial controlled social media content curation accounts covering topics and geographic regions. We developed Explore Media so that we could help our clients get their content viewed by targeted and highly engaged audiences across social media platforms. While our clients have access to suggest content to Explore Media’s editors, the editorial team has full control of what content is shared and the snippet or titles used in sharing that content. Our accounts reach over 100,000 users and engage consumers on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Imgur, and Instagram. Explore Media helps ignite content sharing, adds social proof to content campaigns, helps build strong brands, and exposes new content to the thousands of bloggers and journalists that follow and engage with our accounts.

Currently Explore Media consists of the following brands


  • Dallas is Awesome (Facebook page / Instagram / Subreddit) –
  • Fort Worth: The Better Side (Facebook page)
  • DFW Planet (Twitter account)
  • DFW (Facebook page)
  • Austin, TX (Facebook page)
  • Denton Texas Rocks


  • I F#ing Love History (History on Facebook)
  • GamersTube (Video Games on Facebook / Twitter)
  • Fails & Fails.tv (Fail Videos on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram)
  • Marketing Porn (Marketing / Advertising)
  • Amazing Home